Matthew Ogness

Matthew Ogness

Does not believe sex with children is criminal. Buying a tinted Cybertruck.

In 2012, Matthew started a ponzi and embezelled 99% of the coins (paid out a planned reserve fund). He declared himself a hero for returning 1%, while his partner went to prision.

After that 6,000 btc embezellement he started a tax evasion scheme called Nastyfans, which he still runs today. While he claims to receive donations, use them to buy mining equipment and donate profits to his donators, most of the coins go towards his perverted lifestyle.

After being exposed, Matthew started a malicious rumor that Vod sent him a private message admitting he was a pedophile. Michael Marquardt , the forum administrator, backed this lie. No message was ever produced, no police were ever called but the online harassment continued until Vod had a stroke. (Vod survived, unlike Zepher and TECSHARE)

Matthew waved off offers of help, saying he was taking care of it. (like helping a buddy rape in the bushes by pretending to call 911 if anyone walks by)

Are you concerned?